Gabriel Sobolu

CTO @ Accesa

With more than 20 years in the IT field and with a great deal of passion for both people development and technology, Gabriel Sobolu is an agile delivery professional, focused on building and scaling high-performing teams. Starting off with a master’s in computers science and a solid base in software programming, he has navigated the ever-changing IT field in various sized companies as a software developer, team leader and project manager. By extending his academic background with an Executive MBA and gaining business ground as General Manager and Business Unit Manager, Gabriel believes in taking projects and teams to the next level by applying the best of breed technologies and adding value to businesses based on a pragmatic approach.

In his role as Chief Technology Officer at Accesa and its sister-company RaRo, he is committed to both inspire and empower innovation by working closely with all other C-level roles to ensure a smooth decision-making process, as well as provide management support, technology strategy and nurture the organisation’s growth.