Dragoș Datcu

Senior Innovator/Computer Vision Engineer @ InteliWatch

Dragoș has a research background in the Dutch IT industry as well as in the Dutch educational system. He has a PhD. in multi-modal emotion recognition which he defended in 2009 at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. He worked six years as PostDoc Researcher at the Netherlands Defense Academy and Delft University of Technology, exploring on using affective computing and augmented reality in R&D projects for defense, space and safety&security. For the last five years he worked as Principal Researcher and Senior Innovator on augmented reality and computer vision in the Dutch IT industry. Dragoș is Stakeholder Board in DARLENE, an EU project aiming to develop innovative augmented reality tools to improve situational awareness when responding to criminal and terrorist activities. Also, he takes part as panelist at work sessions on Countering Terrorism and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, organized by United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism.