Cristian Philipp

Managing partner @ Essential Training

In 2004 Cristian Philipp founded “Essential Training and Consulting”, a training company, which currently has over 100 national and international companies in its portfolio. In 2014, he founded Essential Experience, an event organizing company, which became a partner with the most important companies in the West side of Romania.

Essential team built “the Village” in Buzad in 2015, a location where a unique teambuilding concept in Romania is being delivered, implemented by trainers, actors and locals.
Starting 2018, the Village launched a series of public events, culminating with Electroruga de Buzad, a festival that envisages an authentic cultural exchange between urban and rural areas in the western part of the country.

In 2018, together with Iozefina Nicoleta Tudor, Cristian conceived and put into practice the “Insipire Other Travelers” series of events that bring to the audience people who inspire people to return to their authentic self, discover and understand themselves and generate a positive impact on the environment in which they live. Cristian was born in Timisoara, where he attended the Faculty of Psychology, was Vice-president of the Students Organization at West University of Timisoara and for 5 years he played several roles in Orange Romania. He is currently coordinating a team of 12 Essential consultants.


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