An evolutionary perspective of immersive media through cognitive computing

Radu Orghidan - VP Cognitive Computing @ Endava

Europa room

10th November, 11:00-11:30

Cognitive computing acts as a multiplying factor for the fast growth of the Metaverse. Let’s analyse together this evolutionary perspective on the influence of AI on the new digital reality that we are increasingly living in.

Radu Orghidan


I’m passionate about understanding the inner mechanisms of innovation, especially when it involves machine learning and computer vision. I work in cross-functional teams to achieve ambitious objectives for our clients. We use data acquired from different sensors such as depth sensing cameras, mobile robots or microphones to create systems that enhance a users’ abilities to understand and interact with the environment… or sometimes to create 3D scans of my two kids. I also love running outdoors, motorcycling, skiing or eating seafood while sharing a good bottle of wine.