Tricentis Tosca: D2 test automation made easier

Răzvan  Meteș - QA Engineer @ fme Romania

Andreea  Miclăuș - Software Developer @ fme Romania

Robert Bălașa - QA Engineer @ fme Romania

Room 32

11th November, 15:45-16:15

The presentation is about testing complex enterprise DMS applications based on D2 with a feasible and user friendly tool used for web modules scanning, E2E automation & reporting all in one.

Răzvan  Meteș

fme Romania

My name is Răzvan Meteș and I am a QA Engineer for fme Romania. With over a year and half of QA experience I am an accomplished tester and I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the best solutions and results on the automation testing side for our clients.

Andreea  Miclăuș

fme Romania

Hello, I am Andreea and for the past year I have picked up a variety of tech skills including QA. I enjoy experimenting with different technologies and embarking on experiences outside of my comfort zone.

Robert Bălașa

fme Romania

Hi! I'm Robert, I am a keen and eccentric human being in a wonderful QA Journey through the past 5-6 years and who always had a passion in discovering new tools or solutions to be used in automation testing to make both the testers' and the client's life a lot easier.