The story of an open source distributed Ethereum nonce tracker

Máté Lang - Head of Platform Development @ Welthee

Europe room

11th November, 15:15-15:45

We at Welthee had built a distributed Ethereum compatible blockchain Transaction Executor to support our business.
In this talk I will describe the technical challenges of integrating with a blockchain, our team’s way of designing and developing a solution and the way we operate it efficiently in the cloud.
We will focus on the technical and operational details of our open sourced distributed nonce tracker that synchronises our transactions: github.com/welthee/dinonce .

Máté Lang


Extrovert geek & software ninja reporting to duty.
I am in love with the distributed systems, cloud computing, the Java ecosystem, Open Source Software and Linux. In the past years I've been designing and architecting cloud first, scalable, maintainable services and shipping them to the cloud, mostly from scratch.

I like to actively participate in shaping a product from its inception and assembling not just the code, but successful engineering teams. If I'd take off my headphones you'd most likely hear some non-screamy metal and I am also an entry level drummer.