The C++ Security Box

Cristian Cioloca-Savan - Technical Lead Software Engineer @ Garmin

Studio room

10th November, 14:30-15:00

In an already hyper-connected world, talking about security is commonplace in the IT ecosystem on all levels. But it seems that in the C++ world this topic fell out of fashion. We talk about cloud security, DevOps security, but too little about C++ security at the coder's level - except for some very specialized fields.

This presentation attempts to bring in the spotlight the old and the new security problems in the C++'s back yard: which ones we should still care about, what are the new challenges, and how can we use modern C++ features to improve code security.

Cristian Cioloca-Savan


I'm a Technical Lead Software Engineer at Garmin. Involved in taming complexity, both in engineering and in life. Eager to touch everything - both high level and low level, pluck out useful abstractions and find proper solutions that don't hurt the brain. Recently curious about the cloud and all the directions in which the world is heading.