Software Architecture

Real case: Building Scalable Distributed Systems

Denis  Salanta - Development Manager @ Banca Transilvania

Europa room

11th November, 11:00-11:30

The drive for digital transformation in servicing customers in more than 500 branches, highlighted the need of having a scalable system that could offer faster iterations for development and deployment cycles. A part of this transformation in BT, was the migration from a monolithic app to a distributed system, a microservice based architecture, that could meet the business demands of a single UI to manage and serve the customer.

Denis  Salanta

Banca Transilvania

Denis is a passionate developer with interests in professionalisation of the software development discipline, who also loves distributed systems that interact in a complex environment. He has been involved in leading teams delivering software products in various fields such as banking, insurance, healthcare, performance advertising. He is interested in everything related to latest in software and tech.