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Product Ideation using Lean Canvas framework

Terezia Neagu - Senior Product Executive @ Betfair Romania Development

Studio room

11th November, 11:30-12:00

Product Management is one of the pivotal domains where technology, user experience and business meet with the purpose to create and launch successful products. The end goal of these products is to bring both financial and customer benefits and extend the business areas within the organization to make innovation.

In the entire process of product life-cycle management, the ideation can be one of the most challenging steps and represents the creative process to generate, implement and communicate new ideas. There can be various sources from where ideas are born like problem solving- find a solution to a problem, derivations - change something that already exists, revolution- move from traditional to new perspectives, philosophy – mind creation, serendipity – not planned fortune discovery, innovation and discovery.

Mastering product ideation isn’t enough, we also need a reliable framework based on which we can promote our ideas and a good start is Lean Canvas.

During this talk we will find out various techniques we can use to manage product ideation and how to use Lean Canvas as a tool to promote this process.

We will demonstrate the product ideation by creating a Lean Canvas for an application where pet lovers can find their ideal pets based on their needs, resources and possibilities.

Terezia Neagu

Betfair Romania Development

The professional me: I am a passionate Product Manager with more than 11 years of experience in IT.I started my journey in quality assurance, moved to business analysis and finally landed in product management where I fully developed myself both on professional level. My journey was completed by the opportunities I was offered as a trainer, mentor and speaker in the area of product management, activities that only completed my vast experience in this field. Diverse areas I touched during my experience like: e-commerce, sports betting, industrial automation, ERP made me realize I am always willing to take a new challenge and be excited on the new things I will learn tomorrow. The personal me: I am a vegetarian, passionate on Asian culture and pet lover (especially cats) ?