Optimal task scheduling

Ioan Cioflică - Principal Data Software Engineer @ Betfair Romania Development

Studio room

10th November, 11:00-11:30

In a datawarehouse there is a lot of data processing. Tasks depend on each other, consume resources, have different running times and have all kinds of constraints. How can a human arrange the execution of thousands of tasks in an optimal run order? Luckily, using some algorithms or machine learning, it’s possible.

Ioan Cioflică

Betfair Romania Development

I'm working with data since high school, from floppy disks to Cloud, providing the optimal solutions for many kinds of business problems. My passion for IT took me on a fascinating journey discovering bits and pieces of many technologies and sharing the know-how with the people.

Currently I work at Paddy Power Betfair as a Principal Data Engineer focusing in the recent period on Airflow, scheduling and orchestration of processes.