New Perspectives. The future of work.

Andreea Pârvu - VP Growth and Development @ Endava

Conference hall

11th November, 15:15-15:45

What the hell is going on? Two years of pandemic and still pending ...
Most of us don't like change. Why? Because it means an effort to move out of your comfort zones or what you perceive as being your comfort zone.
Most of the time, change brings uncertainty, few opportunities. Many are paralysed, disoriented or confused by the lack of stability. Remember how we all felt in March 2020?
Spoiler Alert: The world is changing, and we must change with it. The famous quote of Barack Obama. Nothing new until now, but what was new was Barack's attitude towards change ... Yes, we can
Taking this as a premise, wouldn't it be better to prepare ourselves and take the initiative to embrace change, to see opportunities rather than threats?
Talking about The future of work might be overrated or considered a buzzword, but work and life seem to change at a pace never seen before. Join me for my presentation, and let’s introduce new ways of thinking and acting.

Andreea Pârvu


Hi, I’m Andreea, and I help leaders become the change-makers they want.

I am an HR professional with a background of more than 10 years of expertise in designing, building, and implementing people strategies that generate change and performance at the organizational level. From expanding in multiple geographical areas, workforce planning, development programmes, and engagement initiatives. Working with the leadership team across the organization, understanding and identifying the business needs, and finding the proper solutions to facilitate growth and scalability. Leadership, management, and coaching programmes. Increase performance and build cohesive teams by creating a sense of belonging in virtual teams, working with global teams, The United States, APAC, UK, Europe.

Recently I’ve become an accredited international coach, and I’m working with leaders and organizations to facilitate growth. I’ve put all my skills, knowledge, and expertise into the game to accompany people connecting the dots and moving forward. parvuconsultancy.ro