Software Architecture

Mindshift: Changing Cloud Perspectives in 2022

Lucian Revnic - Software Architect @ Micro Focus

Europa room

11th November, 11:30-12:00

Why are cloud vendors, like AWS, are releasing services for hybrid and private cloud more than before? In the “hybrid-everything” world, companies are bridging the old and the new by embracing hybrid-cloud technologies more than ever. In this session, we will cover perspectives and trends in public, private and hybrid cloud so that you’ll be prepared.

Lucian Revnic

Micro Focus

In the new digital world, companies need innovative solutions for their IT operations management.
By architecting the IT Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation and Hybrid Cloud Management products at Micro Focus, Lucian Revnic is helping companies to adopt the new style of IT.
He is passionate about cloud technologies and communities like Transylvania Cloud that he drives. He is also one of the AWS Community Builders in Romania