Managers as enablers or hijackers of innovation. Strategy, architecture, paths, tools, results

Iustinian Șovrea - @

Conference hall

11th November, 17:30-18:00

Many firms, after becoming successful, follow a descending path laid with the greatest intentions of the company leadership and vanish, becoming ghosts in the business literature, reminding us how vital it is to plan, focus, invest, and ensure longevity through innovation. During this presentation, I will focus on managers' impact in their organizations and how they can function as enablers or disablers of innovation, and therefore of the business/enterprise they oversee.

Iustinian Șovrea

Iustinian has an extended experience in leading organizations and projects in the software industry.
He focuses on digital technologies and new approaches to improve businesses through innovation.
Iustinian’s areas of expertise include strategic planning and execution, business growth, digitalization, and leadership.
He is in charge of the Romanian PMI (Project Management Institute) community in Cluj-Napoca, a group that has grown to over 800 members.
Iustinian has a PhD in Philosophy in Romania and Germany, and he was recently awarded with the Certificate of Management Excellence from Harvard Business School.