Software Architecture

Kubernetes Mesh. Hard to learn, easy to use.

Iacob Nicolaev - Lead Site Reliability Engineer @ Grab

Europa room

11th November, 15:45-16:15

This talk is aimed at helping you get started with the Kubernetes Service Mesh and it's basic concepts.
- What is a Service Mesh, when do you need one and what benefits do we gain from implementing it?
- What are the advantages and disadvantages ?
- What are the prerequisites ?

These and several other questions will get answered in this session.

Iacob Nicolaev


I am a self-made IT engineer with more than 16 years in the IT field. Experienced in many domains from the Operation to Development I chose my path to implement the DevOps though various practices and methods. The most important thing in the IT field I found to be sharing knowledge, teaching and motivating others to become strong and independent engineers. This approach allowed me to educate myself and learn things from many people. Communities and sharing move us forward!