Industry X.0 & Automotive

Arctic’s Lighthouse Factory is a Beacon for Industry

Mihai Sămânță - Digital Business Integration Manager @ Accenture

Conference hall

11th November, 11:00-11:30

Arctic and Accenture worked together in order to build and integrate Arctic's first end to end digital factory for its new green field washing machine factory in Romania. This partnership enabled and accelerated Arctic Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation journey , and had set the digital foundation for future value generation based on data collected and analytics. In this presentation, I will explain how we have created a digital lighthouse factory from the future in our time!

Mihai Sămânță


I started as a software programmer, keen in looking at the bigger picture, imagining how to connect, integrate, automate and transform things. I got passionate about the future of manufacturing, and digital enterprises that enhances people abilities to connect people, machines and processes with things. For the past 14 years i have built experience taking part or leading complex digital transformation journeys in shopfloor in order to enable MOM/MES Solutions and IT/OT ecosystems of the future that sustain clients growth expectations and enable peoples to produce better, easier and cost efficient products.