How to involve associates when defining the future of work? Approaches and impulses

Franka Pommrich - Department Head @ Bosch

Studio room

11th November, 16:15-16:45

Since 2020 we face the largest work-from-home experiment in history due to COVID-19. We have proven that our business is running well also from ‘outside-the-office’. Nevertheless, how do we set ourselves to ensure high productivity, vivid collaboration in a corporate environment and guarantee innovation capability?

We see the best solution in combining the potential of working on-site and working off-site by purposely developing a new hybrid model. What are the steps we are taking here in Cluj starting 2021 and what are our corporate worldwide plans for the future? I would like to give you some insights in today’s presentation.

Franka Pommrich


With 13 years of professional expertise in Bosch, mostly in HR roles, I am in Romania as an Expat for 3 years now. Throughout my career, I have strived for finding the best models and solutions when it comes to organizational and people management. I am also a certified Systemic Business Coach and trained in leading agile changes. As a person I am curious, eager to learn and ready to take on new challenges.

Here in Romania, I started as a Commercial Project Leader for Lean Management in 2018, which includes also leadership development. Currently, I am the Department Head for Service and Support Functions within Bosch Engineering Center from Cluj since the summer of 2020. Being responsible for Human Resources, Facility and Covid Management (among others), we started to plan & prepare ‘Post-Covid’ activities together with our associates already at the beginning of this year. Ever since, we are searching for the best answers to shaping the future of our work and to match business and associates’ needs.