How to build a $100 smart robot powered by ML.NET, .NET IoT Libraries, and Raspberry Pi

Daniel Costea - Senior Software Developer @ EU Agency

Europa room

10th November, 12:00-12:30

In a cloud-dominated world, the on-premises AI and IoT solutions require special attention due to critical use cases not covered by the cloud. Think that there are 6 million .NET developers in the world, so what are their options? Let’s see together how Microsoft ML.NET and IoT .NET Libraries join forces to control a $100 robot with wheels, sensors, and a camera and using AI to make intelligent decisions. The robot is powered by Raspberry Pi running Linux and .NET 6.

Daniel Costea

EU Agency

Daniel Costea is a senior software developer with over 15 years of experience and he's been a fan of C # since its inception in 2001. Daniel is an active international speaker in the field of .NET technologies at over 40 conferences in Europe, the USA, and India in the last 4 years. Organizer and co-owner of the ApexVox conference. The organizer of community meetings and workshops. Trainer with over 1200 hours of training in .NET web technologies for more than 700 students. Recently Daniel is the author of a series of articles about .NET technologies he was awarded Microsoft MVP on developer technologies starting with 2019.