How to build Effective Teams in a hybrid work environment

Ștefania Stănese - People Operations Business Partner for EMEA @ Endava

Studio room

10th November, 16:30-17:00

We live in a VUCA World. VUCA is an acronym for:
This acronym was first used in 1987 and now we are living in very incredible volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. Such an old concept that is still so accurate even today.
One of the hard things of living in a VUCA world is that it makes it hard to take strategic decissions. If the world is constantly changing, we can't necessarily look to the past and say "If that worked in the past it will work again in the future". Because what got you here may not get you there. Therefore, it really does put leaders and teams in the situation of really having to think about what competencies they need in order to move forward without being able to make a long range plan all the time.
In conclusion: the concepts are no longer reliable. And yet, we still need to make sure that our teams are effective and that they adapt to the new reality.
During this presentation I will provide information regarding the Systemic approach, the scientific explanation of how to adapt to a VUCA world and what competencies we need to develop to be able to build effective teams in a hybrid work environment.

Ștefania Stănese


I have around 8 years of experience within the People area of the IT Industry. My day-to-day job allows me to combine my knowledge and understanding of the IT Industry and my passion for Psychology, Coaching, Mindfulness & Neuroscience. My biggest goal is to bring a little bit of this in all the strategies I am building together with my leaders within the organization. I intend to contribute to the IT Industry by bringing new approaches within the business and supporting both the people and the business in shaping new perspectives about the present and the future.