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How far has augmented reality gone?

Dan Ilieș - Head of Mobile Development @ Wolfpack Digital

Conference hall

11th November, 11:00-11:30

Augmented Reality has been around for a few years now. As mobile devices become more powerful, the range of things they can do is also expanding. Both Apple and Google introduced native frameworks (ARKit in 2017 and ARCore in 2018) that allow developers to push Augmented Reality to the limits in mobile apps. Since then, when only some basic plane detections were possible, things evolved quickly to face and body detection in real-time, texture overlays, 3D object capture, and collaborative sessions for multi-user AR experiences. In today's session, we'll explore some of the capabilities that mobile AR frameworks have today, as well as some real-life applications of these capabilities.

Dan Ilieș

Wolfpack Digital

Dan likes to push technologies to the limits, especially the mobile ones, and to create products that change people's lives for the better but are also beautiful and easy to use. As Head of Mobile Development at Wolfpack Digital, he finds the right balance between development, research, and high-level guidance, while also continuously aiming to improve and innovate the mobile department. On the non-tech side, Dan combined his passion for sports and competitions into tennis tournaments, but he's also a believer in the fact that people can actually like their occupation and enjoy life in a productive way.