Functional web APIs

Gabriel Bornea - Chapter Lead @ ING Tech

Studio room

10th November, 10:30-11:00

Writing concurrent, fast, and reliable APIs is hard but what if we could make them easier to reason about, easier to test, easier to debug, and easier to parallelize? In this talk, we are going to see how we can apply functional programming concepts to improve the readability and performance of our APIs and how to integrate these concepts with the frameworks we use in our day-to-day job.

Gabriel Bornea

ING Tech

Gabriel Bornea is a software engineer who’s been working with JVM languages for over 10 years now. A Team Lead at ING Tech Romania, his main expertise is in software architecture for risk assessment, fraud detection and global internet banking features. Before joining ING Tech Romania, he worked as a programmer for Cegeka and Dell. He is a Scala, F#, and Kotlin enthusiast and founder of the Kotlin user group in Bucharest. Gabriel is into automatic testing and reactive programming and believes that typed functional programming is the best way to write and develop applications with increased maintainability.