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Monica Cătană-Petraru - Senior Business Consultant @ msg systems Romania

Room 32

10th November, 11:30-12:00

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the global behavior of customers has changed dramatically, forcing companies to rethink their marketing strategies and their business models. Coerced by isolation, we all had to adapt to a new reality driven by digital tranformation and local communities. While this global standstill has disrupted many industries, we, as a company, have identified the opportunity to realign, to deliver added value to our customers, and to position ourselves on new markets as long-term, trusted partners. We can meet the current stringent customer needs and forge an even stronger bond in the post-COVID 19 era, should we make good use of our creative thinking, dilligence, and cuting-edge tools.

Monica Cătană-Petraru

msg systems Romania

Monica has been involved in the Automotive Industry for 4 years, and is currently focusing on delivering business and management consultancy services which offer a new Agile perspective for the customers in her portfolio. She enjoys working in challenging settings and delivering significant results. She is grateful for having collaborated with seasoned professionals with whom she managed to develop complex solutions for some of the most important players in the Automotive Industry.