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Avoiding ambiguity in specifications and user stories

Melania Duma - Technical Writer @ RWS

Sonia Pavlenko - Technical Writer @ Ascom

Studio room

11th November, 12:30-13:00

Specifications and user stories must be, before anything else, clear, accurate and interpretation-neutral. When implementing features, developers must minimize the guesswork associated with formulating and understanding chunks of text. However, in practice, ambiguity is more often the rule rather than the exception. The presentation aims at offering an extensive set of rules and examples which can help developers and other IT professionals spot and prevent lack of clarity simply by looking at key words, phrases, and structural elements.

Melania Duma


Technical Writer at RWS, Linguist and Cambridge Examiner. She is interested in helping development teams get their message across users and stakeholders in a clear, simplified manner. For the past 9 years, she has been working with CMS systems, XML editors, DITA. She holds the tekom Expert Technical Writing certificate.

Sonia Pavlenko


Technical Writer, teacher and Cambridge Examiner. She is interested in continuously developing her skills & knowledge in the field of technical writing and learning how to make best use of CMS systems.