A.I. in Medicine: Transforming Data into Knowledge for better patient care

Mircea-Tudor Chifor - Machine Learning Engineer @ Siemens

Europe room

10th November, 12:00-12:30

Ever wondered what happens when AI experts from around the world process large amounts of medical data ? If you want to find out, come and see how Siemens uses the latest deep learning approaches for personalized medicine in cancer and heart disease diagnostics and treatment. Join us for a short presentation about the revolutionary approaches and applications in medicine developed today for a better tomorrow.

Mircea-Tudor Chifor


Mircea-Tudor Chifor is a Machine Learning Engineer@Siemens who has always been passionate that his work has real impact in this world. With extensive knowledge about machine learning and software development he works alongside an international team to provide better software applications that care for human patients. Tudor’s main research interests consist of Deep Learning for Medical Imaging and Graph Neural Networks.